The Greatest Tool For Rehabbers Since The Hammer

The Greatest Tool For Rehabbers
Since The Hammer

With the number of real estate investors completing one flip or more reaching a 9 year high in 2016, it's now more important than ever for real estate investors to have software that helps them do deals more easily for bigger profits.

Realeflow's suite of rehab tools is designed to help real estate investors do just that: get leads under contract, rehabbed properly, and resold quickly for higher profits.

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Repair Estimator

Never worry about underestimating repair
costs again with Realeflow's Repair Estimator.
Create accurate repair estimates in a single
walkthrough using your laptop or tablet during
initial property evaluation. Interior and exterior
repairs are laid out in a simple checklist format
allowing investors with no contracting experience
to create complete repair estimates in a matter of minutes.

Realeflow's Flip
Deal Analyzer

Remove the guesswork for good with
Realeflow's Flip Deal Analyzer.
Our Deal Analyzer will take you through
analyzing the deal including all the hidden
costs most investors miss. Follow the easy to
use wizard to see estimated profit and
potential ROI from each rehab.
Never worry about rehabbing a property wrong
again with our all new Rehab Planner.
Our New Rehab Planner allows real estate
investors to remove the guesswork from
every rehab and put together comprehensive
rehab plans in 20 minutes or less.

Rehab Planner Does This By

  • Showing you all the areas of a rehab you
    need to look at,
    from interior to exterior,
    and even the trades in one simple checklist
  • Providing you with Preset Room Templates
    that give you the items and work notes
    successful rehabbers are using in their markets.
  • Giving you direct Home Depot accesss to
    search for, and add materials to, your rehab
    plan with the click of a button.
  • Showing you a running comparison of
    actual costs
    versus budgeted costs while
    planning and selecting items.
  • Allow you to easily access and reuse
    successful rehab plans
    and items you've
    put together in the past.
  • Generating a detailed branded Scope of
    for more accurate contractor bidding
    and project completion times with less
    change orders.
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Never Worry About Your Completed Rehab Sitting
On The Market With Realeflow's Resale Tools

Realeflow's Property
Listing Pages

Realeflow's Property Listing Pages allow
users to create a professional mobile
optimized page with all of the details of the
property always available to prospective buyers.

Moby Suite

Our Moby suite offers 24/7 availability with
an automated mobile marketing platform
that handles automated voice and text
broadcasts, phone redirects, and voice mail-
boxes. Use branded yard signs to attract
attention and automatically deliver property
information even before your property is complete.

Power Matching

Power matching allows users to match
buyers and sellers in their own database, as
well as across the active Realeflow network
of over 2 million active buyers and sellers
with a single click.

Leads + Direct Mail

Realeflow's remarkable combination of
Leads and Direct Mail automation gives
users the unique ability to launch direct mail
campaigns to renters in just minutes so
users are never lacking potential buyers.

We've helped over 35,000 real estate investors
complete over $10 billion in deals over the past decade.

You can start using the new Rehab Planner
now to save time and money so you're
always cashing in on the biggest profits on
each deal.
Realty Trac reported that average gross
profits on house flips reached an all-time
high in Q2 2016 at $62,000. Are you
seeing those types of profits?
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