Home Repair Estimator and Home Rehab Planner

Create quick home repair estimates in a single walkthrough and itemized, custom rehab plans including labor and material costs and Home Depot product SKUs.

Buy Right And Rehab Efficiently The First Time

Take the guesswork out of creating home repair estimates and home rehab plans. Use your touchscreen tablet or laptop to choose from hundreds of existing default items, including common repairs and pricing. Customize by adding new items and pricing as your business develops.


Quick Repair Estimates

Create quick repair estimates in a single walkthrough using your touchscreen tablet or laptop during initial deal evaluation.

  • Use a simple interface to create, save, and print custom home repair estimates
  • Use default items, including repairs and pricing, to get started quickly
  • Let Hammerpoint home repair estimator systematically guide your inspection for necessary repairs
  • Revisit, edit, and reprint home repairs at any time


Create Itemized Rehab Plans

Create in depth, custom rehab plans for properties that have been acquired, including labor and material costs and Home Depot Product SKUs.

  • Create an itemized rehab plan for every property without the help of a contractor
  • Choose from thousands of pre-loaded Home Depot product skus
  • Home rehab planner includes everything your contractor needs to know

Buy Right

Formulate well founded offers using the home repair estimator during the deal analysis phase.

  • Take the guesswork out of buying
  • Use for validation during lender and seller negotiations
  • Determine purchase price and potential sales price based on necessary repairs


I am blown away! Realeflow is extremely easy to use and everything is in one place, guiding you through the process and keeping things organized and on track to seal the next deal.

Maureen Janco Clean Green Real Estate, PA

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