Real Estate CRM

Manage contacts and properties, track deals at every stage, and effectively collaborate with team members in a centralized location.

Organize your entire real estate investing business overnight


Use Realeflow's real estate CRM to add, manage, categorize, and rate buyers, sellers, and business contacts, track properties at every stage, and collaborate with team members and others involved in making deals happen.


List Management

Organize and manage buyers, sellers, and other business contacts in one place.

  • Build targeted sales and marketing lists with the ability to tag, rate, and categorize contacts
  • Link everyone involved in each deal to the specific property record
  • Record interactions with contacts for easy recollection and follow up
  • Access up to 150 data points on each property
  • Assign a deal stage to each property for enhanced organization


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with team members using centrally located calendar and task functions.

  • Share, monitor and manage deal activities using team calendars
  • Access, assign, and manage team and individual tasks
  • Use internal messaging to effortlessly collaborate with team members

Document Storage and Organization

Maintain documents in one centralized location for 24/7 access to all team members.

  • Store and maintain all important business documents in one, easy to access, location
  • Secure critical documents in the Realeflow Cloud, access and manage them anywhere
  • Tag, categorize and file documents to match your business operation

Your ingenuity about how to organize this information is amazing! You definitely understand what a real estate investor needs to be successful!

Raphael Coto First Fruits Investments, NC

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