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“Realeflow has enabled my business to consolidate several different applications into one platform. It has been a great timesaver.”

-Rahman Thomas

"Realeflow is great! Realeflow has helped us organize our business through direct mail campaigns. Comps are accurate and always available. We have made many connections through Realeflow!"

-CF Home Solutions, LLC

“I consider myself above-average in the realm of organizational skills. That being said, I was beginning to lose my sanity until I began using Realeflow for my business. You see, I work from 2 cities, 3 offices and have a second job. I needed to access anything from anywhere, and it was hard to juggle....until Realeflow. Now I can concentrate on successes instead of stresses”

-Jennifer Adamson

“I love the fact that everything is in the cloud. I travel a lot for my other business, but I always have access to my real estate business no matter where I am. All my information is accessible with Realeflow. The simplicity of tools available makes my real estate business run smooth, no matter where I am in the world.”

-Del Denney

“Realeflow has helped My Wife Buys Homes, LLC really get organized with our contacts. Thanks for everything you do!”

-Tom Reid

"We bought 70 houses last year and manage a little over 1k leads with Realeflow. We love it in our office."

-Jason Bible

“REALEFLOW! Are you kidding, your Interface, Databases & Software Rocks!! Realeflow was "The" game changer for us. With Realeflow we knew we could run our Real estate Business. To have access to all our information in one location has simplified the process 10 fold.
R4 Realty - Thanks you!”

-R4 Realty

“I love Realeflow! The multi-touch direct mail campaigns are the best. I love the automation of all marketing aspects! It allows my wife and I to enjoy our time with each other and all we have to do is wait for the calls from motivated sellers. Thanks Realeflow! You gave us automation and more time ownership!”

-Zyzek Barro

Helping New Investors Grow and Experienced Investors Accelerate

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“Just recently signed up. And I like Realeflow because you can, not only generate leads, but it will put together a mail list and send out letters and media for you. Makes work quick and easy.”

-Jerome Sherman

“Just recently signed up with Realeflow....I love the systems and it's great to have all of our contacts at our fingertips. I also love that when a seller calls in, I can easily pull up their info and make notes in the system. I can't wait to fully use all that Realeflow has to offer.”

-Carol Gammill Beck

“Signed up with Realeflow through Fortune Builders. We are in the trial period yet and just getting started. We have our first campaign loaded in with properties and some of our contacts loaded in. Still trying to figure it all out and hoping we will be up and running the marathon with the rest of you very soon. CAW!!!”

-Larry Smith

“We have had Realeflow in our business since the program launched many years ago. Not only do we fully utilize every aspect of this program, we frequently work with the staff to improve processes and add functions. As an entrepreneur that works at warp speed, I constantly need communication, measurable progress, scalable results and one source to keep it all together. Realeflow is all that and more."

-Erik Stark

"I use Realeflow in my business every day. I don’t know what I would do without it because of what it has done for me with regards to systematizing my business and the mobility it gives me."

-Tim Cook TMC Property Solutions, TX

“Realeflow is AWESOME!! I am so glad that Clinton gave us an overview of Realeflow because it helps us to run our business smoother. We can do SO MUCH with the click of a button!! Thank you!!”

-Holly Gardner

Helping More Than 200,000+ Real Estate Investors Close Over 10 Billion Dollars In Real Estate Transactions.

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“LOVE the Hammerpoint Repair Estimator! Makes an extremely compelling, professional presentation when making an offer! Thank you!”

-Lea Routledge

“Love the Deal Analyzer, Hammerpoint Repair Estimator and Rehab Planner.... Love the auto-fill of information of properties added and having everything in one place! Very helpful to analyze deals, estimate repairs, and create scopes of work and save it for a property. Realeflow prevents us from having to reinvent the wheel with each new rehab!”

-Tammy Merk

“I love Realeflow! It markets for me, finding both buyers and sellers. I have almost 4,000 buyers on Realeflow now!”

-Paul White, Kiwi Investments, TX

"I like how clean the website templates are, I love the direct mail feature!"

-Ryan Carmody

“We, Caffe Property Solutions, love this company. With the tutorial videos and customer service, they have helped us create our website and pull valuable information for our company.”

-Sheila Miller

"I'm amazed at how well your customer support team works, one more reason for me to recommend Realeflow."

-Lorena Turrent