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Leadpipes is your own private search engine and the ultimate shortcut for generating quality real estate leads fast. Search for thousands of buyer, seller, and private lender leads in your area daily.

Tim Cook
“Leadpipes is a great tool and very easy to use. All the different types of leads you offer in Leadpipes is amazing and “Priceless” to active investors. Thanks for all you do for us.”
Tim Cook, TMC Property Solutions
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Market To The Right People At The Right Time With AI

Investing in the right properties has never been easier. Use Leadflow’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to uncover the properties in your investing area with the highest propensity to sell in the next 90 days. Each property is assigned 3 Sellability Scores. The higher the score, the higher the propensity to sell. Then layer on and off-market Data to create “Superlists” of highly targeted, motivated leads who will be most receptive to your marketing.

Tim Cook
"Our Leadpipes AI mailers went out and the scored leads are on fire! I have already had 13 calls in 24 hours and I only sent out about 60 letters."
Jenna Hoover
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Hands-Off Direct Mail That Converts

Single and multi-touch direct mail campaigns are just a click away. The fully integrated direct mail engine incorporates a full marketing library with tested and proven marketing campaigns comprised of highly responsive personally penned letters, handwritten font yellow letters, and postcards. Printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending the right direct mail pieces to the right people at the right times is all handled for you.

Zyzek Barro
“I love Realeflow! The multi-touch direct mail campaigns are the best. I love the automation of all marketing aspects! It allows my wife and I to enjoy our time with each other and all we have to do is wait for the calls from motivated sellers. Thanks Realeflow! You gave us automation and more time ownership!”
Zyzek Barro
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Automated Email Marketing

Initiate automated email follow up campaigns when new leads enter your system. Pre-written single-step and 10-step emails have been tested and proven to consistently engage and convert your web leads to deals.

Paul White
“I love Realeflow! It markets for me, finding both buyers and sellers. I have almost 4,000 buyers on Realeflow now!”
Paul White, Kiwi Investments, TX
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Property Listing Pages

Automatically create property-specific listing pages for each deal when you’re ready to sell

  • Create a specific URL for every property entered into Leadflow for marketing and online viewing of important property details

  • Easily distribute property listing links to potential buyers through email or Moby messaging

Larry Smith
“Signed up with Realeflow through Fortune Builders. We are in the trial period yet and just getting started. We have our first campaign loaded in with properties and some of our contacts loaded in... CAW!!!”
Larry Smith
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Back End Business Management CRM

Intuitive tools to automate every aspect of your business, maximize every investing opportunity, and close more deals.

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front/back end

Close more deals, increase profits, and do what you love.

From managing contacts and properties to analyzing deals before you buy to rehabbing and selling properties, Leadflow provides everything you need to automate over 85% of your business and make deals happen. No other system is as easy to use, simplifies real estate investing, and increases profits like Leadflow.

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Customers love what Realeflow's software platforms have done for them...

Back End Business Management System


Whether you’re a one-man show or have a team of people involved in day to day business activities, automation is the key to growing and managing your business. Automating 85% of your business means spending more time where you need it most - on revenue producing activities.


Making good business decisions means buying and selling properties based on accurate deal and market analysis. That means pulling accurate comparables, analyzing and managing property repairs, and using important data points to determine the projected return on investment based on well-founded buying and selling scenarios.

Close More Deals

Retain more profit by eliminating real estate agent commissions, spending less time digging through potential buyers and sellers, and using the powerful new technology available at your fingertips to buy and sell more properties.


Tools designed to automate your inbound marketing strategy, deliver more leads, and increase profits.


Instantly search for seller and buyer leads.


Automated single-step and multi-touch direct mail campaigns.


Build Superlists of hyper-targeted leads so you’re always marketing to the right people at exactly the right time.


Automated email messages keep contacts consistently engaged and increase conversion.


A full suite of real estate marketing materials.


Forms and widgets capture opt-in data on existing websites.


Automatically create property-specific listing pages when you’re ready to sell.


Tools designed to accelerate your business and give you more time to do the things you love.


Repair estimates and rehab plans without the contractor.


You tell us what you know, we tell you if it’s a good deal.


Your virtual filing cabinet organizes contacts, properties, and much more.


Match buyers and sellers with a single click.


Build free real estate comp reports with a single click.


Manage all inbound and outbound paperwork electronically.


Grant access to those involved in handling your deals.


Inbound and outbound fax management without the machine.