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Who We Are

At Realeflow, we live by the “work hard, play hard” mantra. Realeflow has been recognized over a dozen times, including 6 straight years from Outside Magazine and Best Companies Group for having an outstanding company culture and being one of the top 50 best places to work in the country. From a team standpoint, we get to bring our ideas to reality. Every single team member is instrumental in the growth and success of our company, which makes working here fun and extremely rewarding. We’re a very close group and love working hard toward the same goals. Not to mention we have a blast while we’re doing it! Individually, we strive to be better at our jobs. As a team, we strive to be a better company. As a company, we strive to help our users become the absolute best at what they do.

Meet The Team

Greg Clement

Founder and CEO

Visionary. Marketing Mastermind. Apple Farmer. Super Dad and Husband.

Joe Singleton


Numbers Wizard. Father. Devoted husband. Football Coach. Envier of hair.

Tim Radigan


Numbers guy. Father. Husband. Golfer. Fisherman.

John Malloy


Food and wine aficionado. History buff. Technocrat. Husband. Father.

Josh Tobias

Customer Happiness Director

Smile maker. Ohio State Football fanatic. Family man. Golf enthusiast. Happiness sharer.

Lauren Lanzaretta

Creative Lead

Design guru. Professional singer, songwriter, musician. Drink and beach aficionado.

Jason Kolodziej

Content Manager

Video wizard. Carpenter. Craft beer aficionado. Beatbox enthusiast. Devoted Husband and Father.

Tracey Tobias

Marketing Manager

Content police. Wife. Mother. Running enthusiast. Adventurer. Difference maker.

Evan Novak

Customer Happiness Representative

Funk Bass Wizard. Baseball Lover. Gym Enthusiast. Avid Gardener.

Derek Gales

Lead Specialist

Devoted Husband. Golfer. World Traveler.

Payal Mathur

Senior Developer

Software genius. Wife. Mother. Kitchen wizard. Music enthusiast.

Nolan Cavano

Web Developer

Creative Mind. ManChild. Guitarist.

Austin Hale

Product Manager

Product police. Entrepreneur. JavaScript geek. Avid traveler.

Victoria Seaman

Customer Happiness Representative

Devoted Mother. Avid caffeine enthusiast. Animal lover. Happiness maker.

Galen Marten

Video Production Manager

Filmmaker. Musician. Family man. Cleveland Sports Fan.

Ryan Heldorfer

Customer Happiness Representative

Thought provoker. Avid drawer. Rock music and 90’s Simpsons aficionado. Airedale lover.

Danny Sobek

Creative Lead

Design Buff. Explorer of all things creative. Concert lover. Musician.

Greg Kimbro

Customer Happiness Representative

People pleaser. Exercise fanatic. Father. Motorcycle enthusiast. Pickup football player.

Jimmy Shanahan

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality police. Old-school basketball enthusiast. Buffalo Bills fanatic. Music nut. Avid traveler. The Beard.

Rachel Sekerak

Customer Onboarding + Retention Manager

Joy bringer. Jesus follower. Foodie. Devoted Wife + Friend. Dog Mom.

Corey Toolis


Software maker. Avid camper. Music festival enthusiast. Video game fan. Friend enjoyer.

Matthew Shumaker

Content Strategist

Jesus follower. Fishermen. Golfer. Cooking enthusiast. Soon to be Husband.

Aries Carr

Customer Happiness Representative

Adventurous. Responsible. Intelligent.

Kristin Wilkinson

Web Developer

Design Developer. World traveler. Outdoor enthusiast. Beer connoisseur. Family girl.

Kyle Tresch

Marketing Funnel Expert

Wordsmith. Touring musician. Mexican food connoisseur. Thought-leader. Johnny Bravo wannabe.

Michael Kesegich

Customer Happiness Representative

Joy spreader. Avid traveler. Exercise nut. Beach connoisseur.

Ron Ponyicky

Customer Happiness Representative

Responsible. Traveler. Freight-Train Enthusiast.


Head of Security

Office Bully. Bone chewer. Napper. Main Barker.

Interested in joining the Realeflow team?

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