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Direct Mail

July 23, 2015
Realeflow Gives Handwritten Direct Mail A Whole New Meaning

Real estate direct mail takes on a whole new meaning with Personally Penned Letters and completely customizable content and mailing frequencies.

Greg Clement, CEO

March 20, 2015
Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns – How and Why to Target Your Lists

Want to know how and why to target your leads for increased engagement and conversion? Find out here…

Greg Clement, CEO

March 6, 2015
Real Estate Direct Mail

When it comes to marketing your real estate investing business, one of the most powerful strategies is Direct Mail. Find out why…

Greg Clement, CEO

October 10, 2014
Direct Mail Fail – How to waste your money and everybody’s time

This is the true story of a piece of direct mail that hooked me and then left me dangling. Don’t do this…

Greg Clement, CEO