Deal Analysis

September 10, 2015
Make Smarter Offers: FREE Real Estate Deal Analyzer

Want the key to making smart offers and informed buying decisions on every deal? This is it…

Greg Clement, CEO

April 28, 2015
Building a Home Repair Estimate – Free Template Download

Need help building your home repair estimates? Download this free home repair estimate template.

Greg Clement, CEO

April 7, 2015
Hammerpoint Home Repair Estimator

Ready to ditch your contractor and do your own repair estimates? This is how…

Greg Clement, CEO

October 13, 2014
Landlords: Check out the best (and worst) markets for rentals…

Want to know how your market rates for residential rental properties? Find out here…

October 8, 2014
Real Estate Investors: Would you swap your iPhone for a house?

You can trade an iPhone for a house? In Detroit, you can. Read the full story here…

Greg Clement, CEO

September 30, 2014
How To Identify A Money Pit In Under 5 Minutes

Some houses were seemingly put on this planet to destroy investors’ dreams. Here’s how to avoid them.

Greg Clement, CEO