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We used Realeflow in 2012 and it had great features but we didn’t like the feel or flow of it. In the meantime we used other CRMs. Me and a buddy tried the new Realeflow about a week ago and WOW! Very impressive. We cancelled the other CRMs and are really happy with the new & improved Realeflow. It pulls together some of the best features of all the other CRMs in one package.

Houston Long

I am blown away! Realeflow is extremely easy to use and everything is in one place, guiding you through the process and keeping things organized and on track to seal the next deal. The functionality is awesome and has everything you need as an Investor to grow with your business.

Maureen Janco

Realeflow is a must have for investors.. especially investors that do multiple rehabs a year.. Hammerpoint is the #truth

Kelly Ejirika

We use it. We bought 70 houses last year and manage a little over 1k leads with RF. It was my last RE CRM before I was going to buy SalesForce. We love it in our office.

Powerful Tools

See why more than 23,000 investors rely on Realeflow every day to generate leads, assess deals, and manage their transactions. Our real estate investing software gets brand new investors up and running quickly while providing powerful tools for those running established and growing real estate operations.

Realeflow is THE single solution for generating leads and managing contacts, comps, deals, properties, rehab projects, marketing campaigns, websites, sales activities, and everything real estate investors take on every day.


It Starts With Leads

Jumpstart your marketing efforts by downloading thousands of active buyer and seller leads every day. Users get 10 different nationwide lead types that can be sorted and filtered to create targeted lists that feed every type of real estate investing business.

Lead Types Absentee Owner Bankruptcy Free&Clear
Tax Lien Upside Down High Equity Low Equity Renter
Cash Buyer Private Lender
These leads are what feed the Direct Mail Engine…

Direct Mail

Hands Off Direct Mail Marketing
With our high converting Direct Mail Engine you can now be completely hands off that next mailing. Simply pick your campaign, choose your list, and customize your delivery options. Then sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Highest Converting Marketing Materials in the Industry
Realeflow’s relentless testing and refining has produced single-step and multi-touch direct mail campaigns with professionally written copy that converts more leads to deals.

Full Customization on a Ramen Noodle Budget
Customize each piece with options such as font color, yellow letter vs. handwritten note, personalized URLs, postcard and delivery options, and your contact information. Build campaigns to fit your budget and style.

Drive those leads to your custom website for increased engagement…


Launch Your Custom Website in Minutes
• Build your website in minutes – zero web design or copywriting needed
• Increase traffic and convert more leads using eye-catching themes and professionally written content packs
• Editing website content is as easy as editing a word document
• Mobile optimized responsive designs make it easy for leads to engage with you from any device
• All sites are SEO optimized and proven to engage visitors

Use your sites to turn cold traffic into qualified leads…


Create quick repair estimates in a single walkthrough and itemized, custom rehab plans including labor and material costs and product SKUs.

Buy right and rehab efficiently the first time.

Take the guesswork out of creating repair estimates and rehab plans. Get started quickly using your touchscreen tablet or laptop to choose from hundreds of existing default items, which include common repairs and pricing. Customize by adding new items and pricing as your business develops.

Deal Management

Close more deals and increase profits using automated deal management tools.

  • Comp Reports

    Generate comp reports in minutes

  • Property Blasting

    Offload properties quickly by mass broadcasting them to over 40 property listing and social media sites

  • Community

    Find buyers and sellers through Realeflow’s huge community

  • Deal Analyzer

    Analyze each deal to determine your offer and accurately project return on investment

  • Controlled Access

    Grant controlled access for easy collaboration with those involved in each deal

  • Automation

    Market properties 24/7 using our automated mobile marketing platform

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads turn into deals and deals turn into profits.

Keep qualified leads engaged without the manual work. Realeflow’s professionally written, built in email autoresponders are designed to engage each target audience by delivering content on an automated schedule. Each autoresponder series can be initiated with the push of a button and you can edit content and delivery schedules as desired.

Staying engaged helps turn leads into deals…

Close more deals and cash more checks

The over 23,000 real estate investors who use Realeflow to generate leads, assess deals, and manage their transactions find themselves consistently closing more deals and increasing profits.

Realeflow’s real estate investing software combines front end marketing with back end business management in one easy to use platform that gets new investors up and running quickly while providing powerful tools for those running established and growing real estate investing operations.

Team strikethrough $299 / mo


*For 7 days then $97 per month

    20 Users

    ALL Nationwide Leadpipes

    Unlimited Websites

    Direct Mail Engine Access

    22+ Automation Tools

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