Enhanced Power Matching Plus

Use our patent pending technology to sell more properties in a fraction of the time by tapping into Realeflow Investor’s network of over 2 million active Buyers, Sellers, and Renters with the click of a button. Realeflow Investor makes it quick and simple to find buyer matches for your properties, OR property matches for your buyers. Once you do, we make it easy to connect the two together. This is a favorite tool for thousands of our users.



Fresh leads are delivered directly to each Realeflow Investor account as they become available. Leads include Renter, Cash Buyer, Bankruptcy, Tax Lien, and Private Lender. Leads are the lifeblood for any real estate business and we cultivate them from all over the country.



It’s important to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive real estate landscape. We have over 100 high quality and professional website, blog, and squeeze page templates to choose from. You can customize in minutes. All Website and Squeeze Page templates are built to convert and include integrated performance lifts like video, dynamic flash content, high quality copy, and free reports and auto-responders pre-written by the best copywriters in the business. They’re simple to set up and totally customizable to fit every niche of real estate.


Automated Direct Mail System

Customize direct mail campaigns and set them on autopilot in minutes. Use Personalized URLs (PURLs) in marketing campaigns to increase conversions by up to 150% and get important data feedback that other systems don’t normally provide. This intuitive Direct Mail System suggests specific creative pieces to use based on the type of leads targeted, goals, and budget.



Mobile marketing has gone from a “nice to have” to a “must have” tool over the past 12 months for real estate professionals. Let’s face it, people are NEVER away from their smart phones anymore, and actually spend more time on them than they do their computers. We’ve developed the industry's most powerful mobile marketing system that’s easy to use and highly effective. It includes SMS Text Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, and a 24/7 On Demand Voice Mailbox System. YOU CAN EVEN TEST IT OUT RIGHT NOW – Simply text “7777” to 216-502-4505 to see what happens.



You need to stay organized to keep your business going. You may not need a personal assistant with this robust web based CRM platform. Gather property and seller info, pull free and paid comps 24/7, streamline tasks, synch calendars, track and store all business docs, and follow a clear path for each deal from beginning to end. Because it’s cloud based, it allows our users to run their business from anywhere in the world.



You need a simple and easy way to create and submit accurate, professional repair estimates. With Hammerpoint you can use our patent pending technology to create them in 4 minutes or less on every deal. Simple point and click interface means ZERO contracting experience required. And yes, we also have an app for that!


Short Sale Automation System

There’s no shortage of short sales out there, and with Realeflow Investor we’ll never forget how we started, and that was as the nation’s leading short sale software for years. This now includes the Short Sale Scoring Model so time is never wasted on deals that won’t make money, the Short Sale Backpack to help create the perfect short sale package and HUD-1, and detailed deal tracking from beginning to end, and a Short Sale specific squeeze page. You can even connect your title company, real estate agent, and closing attorney to all have online access to your deals.


Paperless Office

Workflow automation is critical to making more money in less time. With our Paperless Office you can save 84 minutes on every deal just by using the Auto-fill Paperwork tool built into Realeflow Investor. All the latest contracts are built into the system or users can upload their own. Create a truly paperless office by taking advantage of integrated Email, SmoothFax, and Document tracking and storage.



It takes just 3 minutes to blast properties for sale to over 40 property listing websites and high traffic social media sites that get over 4 million visitors a month. To put it simply you can save time with Sellpoint by syndicating your listings to people who are ready to buy.



It’s extremely important to keep good data and be able to access it in a flash the next day, the next week, the next month, or next year. With our powerful notes feature you can add date stamped, time stamped, and name stamped notes automatically to all your deals. This will help you keep track of everything that’s ever happened to your files, and even potentially keep you out of hot water.


Power Linking

Realeflow Investor allows you to “link” your real estate agents, attorneys, title companies, and even other investors to any one or more of your deals. This is incredibly useful to keep everyone on the same page and the process flowing smoothly. You can even limit what your “linked users” have access to so you don’t let them see anything they shouldn’t.


Real Estate Giraffe

In conjunction with our sister company, App Giraffe, we’ve developed one of the most powerful tools for investors and agents today - your very own custom mobile app! You can immediately separate yourself from your competition when you launch our high quality and professional mobile app. Sure it’s got all the “basic features” you’d expect like property listings, image galleries, social media integration, and web links, BUT you’ve never even seen these awesome features:

  1. Property Fences – setup invisible fences around your properties so when prospects drive within a certain radius (cross the fence) they automatically get info about your listings. THERE’S Nothing MORE powerful than this, it’s scary even…

  2. Power Matching – your sellers and buyers can now, with the click of a button, match and find exactly what they’re looking for across our ENTIRE Realeflow underground network.

  3. Neighborhood Evaluator – you can let your prospects check out neighborhoods on-the-fly and find the perfect fit for them.

  1. Push Notifications – Send FREE messages through Apple and Google’s networks via push notifications to all your prospects and customers. Let them know about a property launch, open house, sale, or really anything. And all this with a 97% read/open rate. It doesn’t get better than this.

  2. GPS Coupons – How cool would it be for one of your prospects to walk into an open house and as they cross the door they automatically get a “FREE LED TV” coupon for buying this home. You can create any type of coupon that is activated automatically when people cross or enter any geographic location.

And many more powerful tools and apps like SmoothFax, Scrum Board, Deal Filter, Package Generator and more!


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