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February 2, 2016
Attack The Day

There’s only one way to take on each day to achieve maximum productivity…

attack the day
Greg Clement, CEO

July 23, 2015
Realeflow Gives Handwritten Direct Mail A Whole New Meaning

Real estate direct mail takes on a whole new meaning with Personally Penned Letters and completely customizable content and mailing frequencies.

Greg Clement, CEO

May 22, 2015
Seller Lead Qualification – Free Seller Script

There’s no such thing as the perfect script, but this series of questions will get you the info you need.

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Greg Clement, CEO

May 14, 2015
5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Investing

Wondering what the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid in real estate investing are? Find out here.

Home renovation
Greg Clement, CEO

April 28, 2015
Building a Home Repair Estimate – Free Template Download

Need help building your home repair estimates? Download this free home repair estimate template.

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Greg Clement, CEO

April 20, 2015
Hammerpoint Home Rehab Planner

Ready to plan your next property rehab? Let the Rehab Planner be your guide…

Old working tools. Many working tools on a wooden background.
Greg Clement, CEO

April 10, 2015
The Secret to Selling Properties Faster – Better Listing Pictures

We’ve heard it before… a picture is worth a thousand words. What do your pictures say?

A nicely landscaped recently built single family home.
Greg Clement, CEO

April 7, 2015
Hammerpoint Home Repair Estimator

Ready to ditch your contractor and do your own repair estimates? This is how…

Blue paper with home improvement project plan and tools kit on a wood background
Greg Clement, CEO

March 20, 2015
Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns – How and Why to Target Your Lists

Want to know how and why to target your leads for increased engagement and conversion? Find out here…

Row of mailboxes in a rural setting. **Note slight graininess,  best at small sizes.
Greg Clement, CEO

March 15, 2015
On This Day in History and Other Famous Internet Firsts

The first domain name was registered 20 years ago. Find out what other firsts have impacted the Internet.

Greg Clement, CEO

March 12, 2015
Real Estate Postcards, Letters, and Brochures That Convert

Capitalize on your time and every direct mail send you do by using tested and proven direct mail pieces every time.

Close-up Of Man's Hand Taking Letters From Mailbox Outside House
** Note: Shallow depth of field
Greg Clement, CEO

March 6, 2015
Real Estate Direct Mail

When it comes to marketing your real estate investing business, one of the most powerful strategies is Direct Mail. Find out why…

Close-up Of Postman Hands Putting Letters View From Inside The Mailbox
Greg Clement, CEO

February 26, 2015
Real Estate Website Content

Find out what types of real estate website content Realeflow includes with our website templates to attract motivated buyers, sellers, and private lenders.

Close-up of man holding digital tablet while mobile phone and laptop laying on foreground
Greg Clement, CEO

February 20, 2015
Real Estate Website Templates

Welcome to the second post in our “Featured Tool of the Month” series on Websites! Follow us as we break down our software, pixel by pixel. Today’s post – real estate website templates.

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Greg Clement, CEO

February 12, 2015
Real Estate Website Builder

Our “Featured Tool of the Month” is Real Estate Websites! Follow us as we break down our software, pixel by pixel. Today – setting up a real estate website using Realeflow’s Website Builder.

Greg Clement, CEO

February 9, 2015
22 Incredible Upgrades to Realeflow This Month

We’re upgrading Realeflow this month in a huge way with 22 incredible product enhancements. Check out the updates to Websites, Leadpipes and more here!

Greg Clement, CEO

January 29, 2015
Private Lender Lead Generation With Leadpipes

Welcome to the fourth post in our “Featured Tool of the Month” series! Follow us as we break down our software, pixel by pixel. Today’s focus – Private Lenders.

Greg Clement, CEO

January 7, 2015
Buyer and Seller Lead Generation with Leadpipes

Welcome to the first post in our “Featured Tool of the Month” series! Follow us as we breakdown our software, pixel by pixel. Up today – Leadpipes.

Neighborhood from the air with magnifying glass - real estate concept
Greg Clement, CEO

October 17, 2014
Steve Jobs – How To Live Before You Die

Steve Jobs was one of the greats, in my opinion. See why this speech has inspired me for years.

Greg Clement, CEO

October 15, 2014
5 Must Have Components of a Rock Solid Offer

Want to make your offer stand out from the rest? Follow this plan every single time…

Retro image of a man signing a deed of sale mortgage document or insurance contract on a house with a closeup view of his hand with a small wooden model of a house.
Greg Clement, CEO

September 30, 2014
The Real Estate Investor’s Marketing Cheat Sheet

Part 1 of the Real Estate Investor’s Marketing Cheat Sheet: The basics, web marketing & digital content.

Greg Clement, CEO

10 Online Real Estate Investment Resources

Everyone knows about Zillow and Trulia but have you checked out these REI sites yet?

Closeup of Computer Screen With Address Bar of Web Browser
Greg Clement, CEO

5 Signs You’re Ready To Invest In Real Estate

Is it time to kick off the Real Estate Investing business you’ve been thinking about? Find out here…

Man in white holding a model of a house in his hands.
** Note: Shallow depth of field
Greg Clement, CEO

How To Identify A Money Pit In Under 5 Minutes

Some houses were seemingly put on this planet to destroy investors’ dreams. Here’s how to avoid them.

House sinking in water ,real estate housing crisis,flooding, ect. concept
Greg Clement, CEO

8 Real Estate Investing Mistakes That Will Kill The Deal Every Time

There’s no need to fall into flip traps. Read this guide and stay out of harm’s way.

Greg Clement, CEO

September 29, 2014
Welcome to the Realeflow blog – we have so much to talk about…

Welcome to the Realeflow Blog, the new home for investors and flippers looking to grow their business.

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