Welcome to the Realeflow blog – we have so much to talk about… September 29, 2014

Yes, The Internet Has Another Blog

We know there are thousands of blogs out there and probably more than a few on real estate investing, so why did we start this now?

It’s really quite simple.

As a software company, we spend a huge amount of time developing, tweaking and refining software. After eight years of developing Realeflow, we know we have a platform that helps investors but we want to go further.

We want to help investors crush their real estate investing business regardless of what tools and technology they choose to use.

And if that means that some of you end up deciding to take a look at Realeflow – we’re not going to stop you. 

We are not going to be looking for a way to link every topic we talk about to a feature in Realeflow. We do plan on sharing insider tips and tricks, mistakes that every investor needs to avoid like the plague, as well as ways to increase profits while spending less time on each deal.

As we are just getting started, we also want to know what you’d like to hear about.  Add a comment below and if we use your idea – we might even send you a prize!

Greg Clement, CEO

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Realeflow blog – we have so much to talk about…”

  1. When I tried to sign up for the news letter it says ” This form has expired and is no longer accepting data”

    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for letting us know! We’ve fixed it now so you can sign up!

      Thanks again,

      The Realeflow Team.

  2. Greg your such a great person ….. I have read your email for awhile You seem to genuinely want others to succeed …. I have read 3 of the articles already. Great content…..I usually not opt in on any web site. Because they will drive u crazy with all their stuff —- as Darren might say. I’m a bounce rate culprit —I’m not doing it – converse rate very low. Lol. But Realflo and your blog — it’s great Thank You.

  3. Who knows of an affordable resource for vacant home insurance? The quotes I’ve been getting are rediculously expensive. Please reply.


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