Is Your Market Ripe For Real Estate Investing? September 30, 2014

“The market is good.”

“This market is terrible.”

“The market is coming back.”

“This is the best time to be investing in real estate.”

“This is the worst time to be investing in real estate.”

These are phrases that are being uttered every day across the country by people trying to figure out if they should be investing in real estate in their area.

CNN Money, courtesy of CoreLogic, recently posted a tool that shows the real estate investing forecast change for the last 12 months and the projected forecast change for the next 12 months for 384 markets across the country.

Find out here what the real estate investing forecast is for your market.


Want to give us an insider’s look at how things are faring in your local market? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

6 thoughts on “Is Your Market Ripe For Real Estate Investing?”

  1. I’ve found in the last year or so inventory is low but still available in the Denver metro area. But people are out bidding me on all MLS listings by an average of $10,000 over asking price! Are you kidding! Family Building Solutions has moved to strictly finding our own leads which makes it harder to find.

  2. Hi Tracey I didn’t know about this tool. …. Thank You !!!!! I love your picture of u and your daughter so so cute !!!! And I liked your article about 11 seconds buyers. Your right…… for home buyers —clean and bright front door— lawn — first look You know -because your thinking –what do I have to do to live here Can I love and maintain this …..thank you …

  3. Tracey, thanks for sharing this tool! I’m always looking for new tools to help gauge the strength and direction of the market. The market in Fort Worth and Dallas are heating up to the point where deals are going under contract within 3-4 days of being posted on the MLS and at a big premium. It’s becoming more difficult to find deals with any spread unless you get them through your own marketing campaigns.

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