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Real Estate Investor, Jenna Hoover, shares how using Realeflow has helped explode her business

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Instant Access To Leads 24/7

Keep your pipeline full with instant anytime access to 10 types of real estate leads including motivated sellers, buyers, and private lenders. Use simple push-button automation to download, sort, filter, and cherry pick thousands of nationwide leads daily.

Tim Cook
TMC Property Solutions

“Leadpipes is a great tool and very easy to use. All the different types of leads you offer in Leadpipes is amazing and “Priceless” to active investors. Thanks for all you do for us.”
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Direct Mail That Communicates How & When You Want To

You want direct mail that speaks to your readers. You want direct mail that makes people feel as though you sat down with a pen and paper and wrote out a heartfelt letter. You want direct mail that converts. Realeflow is the only real estate investing software that provides Personally Penned Letters. No, we don’t write out your direct mail letters with real pens… but our robots do. This completely automated, but personalized method of communicating with your leads significantly increases response rates. Choose your audience (buyers, sellers, private lenders), customize your campaign, choose your budget, and you’re done.

Zyzek Barro

“I love Realeflow! The multi-touch direct mail campaigns are the best. I love the automation of all marketing aspects! It allows my wife and I to enjoy our time with each other and all we have to do is wait for the calls from motivated sellers. Thanks Realeflow! You gave us automation and more time ownership!”
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Set Up A Custom Website In Under 3 Minutes

Set up your business’ new custom website in less than 3 minutes. Increase conversions with eye-catching themes and tested and proven copy that speaks directly to your target audience. Audience specific autoresponders and eBooks are included to significantly increase engagement. Enjoy all the benefits of a high converting website without all the work.

Jacob DeNys
JD Investment Homes, CA

“It was only minutes before I began creating new squeeze pages for my website.”
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Flip Properties Faster With All The Right Tools

Deal Analyzer
Analyze deals in minutes, make smart offers every time, and remove the guesswork from every deal.

Hammerpoint Repair Estimator and Rehab Planner
Create complete repair estimates and rehab plans in a single walkthrough, including labor and material costs and product skus.

Automate many of the daily tasks needed to complete a deal …and do it all faster and more efficiently than your competition.

Lea Routledge

“LOVE the Hammerpoint Repair Estimator! Makes an extremely compelling, professional presentation when making an offer! Thank you!”
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Access To Over 2 Million Active Buyers, Sellers, Renters

Wouldn’t it be nice to click a button and have immediate access to over 2 million active buyers, sellers, and renters when you need them without having to pay any extra commissions or fees? That’s why we created Power Matching - so you can close deals faster without the extra headaches… and keep your money in your pocket.

Paul White
Kiwi Investments, TX

“I love Realeflow! It markets for me, finding both buyers and sellers. I have almost 4,000 buyers on Realeflow now!”
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Additional Deal Management Tools


Your virtual filing cabinet. Manage contacts and properties, track deals at every stage, and effectively collaborate with team members in a centralized location.


Grant controlled access for easy collaboration with those involved in each deal.


Generate detailed comp reports
in minutes.


Find buyers and sellers through Realeflow’s huge community.

Additional Marketing Tools


Start marketing properties the minute you own them with automated mobile marketing. Want to see automated mobile marketing in action?

Just text 1234 to (440) 202-1448 right now.